Practice & Ponder: The 4 Laws of Karma



A big, fat, fancy word that gets tossed around yoga studios and tip jars.


But despite what you may have heard, karma is not a boomerang. And it almost never works instantly.

Having a clear understanding of this foundational philosophy of yoga is important. With it, we can make effective choices in the moment to create the kind of future we want to experience.

In Practice & Ponder: The Four Laws of Karma, we’ll explore the principle of karma through a gentle all-levels yoga practice, through study and discussion. We’ll return to the Four Laws of Karma as taught by the Buddha Shakyamuni over 2500 years ago. You’ll leave with a simple, useful and above all accurate metaphor for how karma works (hint – it’s not a boomerang.) that you can put into use in your daily life.

Practice & Ponder: The Four Laws of Karma

Sat Jan 21 from 1:00-3:30pm

at The Yoga Sanctuary Wood St – 1 Wood St (Yonge & College)

$45+hst. Pre-register here to secure your spot.





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