Full day workshop – Home Coming: a day of embodied expression with women for women

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Home Coming: A Day of Embodied Expression with Women for Women

What is it to feel at home? How do we know when we’re home? How do we make home? With ourselves and with others.Come play and move in a field of creating home with other curious women.

On Sat May 28 from 11am-5pm, I’ll be offering a full day workshop in collaboration with three other amazing practitioners. A day for women, by women. Through various modalities – including movement, meditation, breathwork, expressive arts and Embodied Gestalt – we’ll explore together just what it means to come home.

I am thrilled to be bringing this together with 3 of my sisters from 5Rhythms movement practice – Rhondda Snary, Lauren Nancarrow Clarke, and Irene Gabinet. We all met on the dancefloor, and share a love and commitment to discovering embodiment, as we’ve practiced it together in Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms. On this day, each of us will share methods and ways back home, all informed by our shared experience of working in the body (I’ll be contributing meditation and breathwork to the mix).

No previous experience is required – just your curiosity. As there is no prescribed movement, 5Rhythms is open and available to everyone, regardless of your abilities or physical condition. I’ve danced the Rhythms with people of every age, size, shape and colour, with people on chairs, in slings and casts, you name it. If you can breathe, you can do this practice. I have found it a wonderful moving meditation, that is a complement to more structured movement practices like yoga. More on 5Rhythms here.

We’ll be weaving together:
5Rhythms® | Rhondda Snary *. Certified & Accredited 5Rhythms® Teacher
Creative Expression | Irene Gabinet . Expressive Arts Facilitator
Embodied Gestalt | Lauren Clarke . RSW & Gestalt Therapist
Meditation & Breath Work | Rhondda Smiley . Certified Yoga Teacher

Saturday, May 28, 2016 from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

at The Citadel – 304 Parliament St (at Dundas)

$95 Early Bird – Registered & paid in Full by May 3, 2016
$115 Regular – After May 3, 2016

Register HERE.


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