Happy 20th Birthday, ACI!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASIAN CLASSICS INSTITUTE! Tonight in New York City, ACI celebrates 20 years of sharing the Dharma, in freely offered courses, with modern translations of ancient texts that make wisdom accessible and relevant to our lives today. Over 300 teachers worlwide have continued what Geshe Michael Roach started. Immense gratitude to Geshehla, for this priceless gift. Special thanks to Lama Cliff Spencer for his kindness in teaching all 18 courses of the ACI curriculum. Thank you to all the precious teachers who have taught ACI curriculum here in Toronto – David Gluck, Jeannine Woodall, Kimberley Theresa Lafferty, Ted Lafferty, Venerable Alistair Holmes, Anita Soutendam and Shadi Mogadime.

“Here in the age

Of degeneration

You made every effort

To gain great learning;

You threw away

The eight worldly thoughts

And so made use

Of Your leisure and fortune.

Savior, we rejoice

We are glad, happy deep inside,

For what you have done,

So good and powerful.”

~ from the Ganden Hlagyama, A Thousand Angels in the Heaven of Bliss

For more information, visit http://www.acidharma.org.


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  1. Alexander

    Thank you as well for teaching ACI, Rhondda.

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